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Never feel cold again with the new Expedition Series
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Date: 2020-07-08

Dry cold, wet cold, wind chill. Moving, resting, sleeping. When it comes to the cold, there is no oneproduct-fits-all solution; you need a cold-weather system. So for the fall and winter 2020 season, Fjällräven is expanding its legendary Expedition Down Jacket into an entire cold-weather protection series. The new Expedition Series features a long-length down parka for extreme cold in resting moments, a lightweight down jacket for active situations and a synthetic jacket for warmth in damp environments. Together with the original Expedition Down Jacket and the Expedition Down Lite Jacket from 2018, the series provides functional warmth in every situation in nature, so you’ll never feel cold again. Fjällräven explains more about the suitability of down vs. synthetic to suit these varying situations on their blog, The Foxtrail. You can learn more here.

The Icon

The original Expedition Down Jacket was born out of pure and simple need. During a bitterly cold winter expedition in Northern Sweden almost 50 years ago, Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, found himself frozen to the core as he spent a miserable night in a hand-dug snow pit. He promised himself that once the ordeal was over he’d develop a jacket that made it impossible to feel the cold. The realisation of that promise was the Expedition Down Jacket, made from two jackets sewn together to minimise heat loss.

Since its release in 1974, the Expedition Down Jacket has found its way onto expeditions to the Arctic and the Himalaya, but it’s also warmed the backs of city dwellers facing frigid winters and Fjällräven Polar contestants driving dogsleds through Norway and Sweden. And it’s to cater to all these different cold-weather situations that Fjällräven is now launching the Expedition Series.

The Expedition Series

Designed not just to keep you warm, the entire series is crafted with sustainability in mind. “We wanted to offer outdoor enthusiasts more versatility within our assortment, keeping to our high standards of sustainability while at the same time honouring our heritage”, says James Lee, designer at Fjällräven. “Sustainability is a priority for us, so we’ve worked hard to ensure the new Expedition Series stands up to scrutiny in that respect, too.” Each item is easy to repair, the face fabrics and linings are made from recycled nylon and, as always at Fjällräven, the down is ethical, fully traceable and as it’s a by-product of the food industry there is absolutely no live plucking and it helps to reduce waste.

The Fjällräven Down Promise, in place since 2014, delivers peace of mind to consumers. Fjällräven’s down is fully traceable to farm level. It works with just one supplier who uses just a handful of farms. This minimises risk and makes oversight easier. Fjällräven knows exactly where its down comes from and that it is of the highest quality.

Its hard work has been recognised in the Textile Exchange’s Material Change Insights Report. Using data from its Corporate Fibre and Materials Benchmark programme, it has listed Fjällräven as a leading performance brand with 100% uptake of preferred down options. On top of this, Fjällräven is at the top of Four Paw’s Cruelty Free Down Challenge list, beating other big-name brands in the outdoor industry.

Fjällräven Polar 2021

Unfortunately, this year’s Fjällräven Polar was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, all participants can join a special-edition Polar event in April 2021 that will begin in Sweden and end in Norway, running in the opposite direction to the usual route. The full list of 2020 participants can be found here.

Hopefully, things can get back on track this autumn. Fjällräven plans to open the application period for Fjällräven Polar 2021 from 27 October to 25 November 2020*. This event will run from Norway to Sweden, as usual. However, the rules for selecting winners will be updated slightly. People can continue to vote for their favourite entries, but this time round, the jury will choose two participants from among the top 20 candidates per region, rather than one by total votes and one by jury selection.

*Subject to change in regards to any future Covid-19 restrictions and situation.

Never Freeze Again – Five tips for staying warm whatever the cold

1. Layer up & down – Three to four layers provide protection from the cold, wind, snow and rain and are the quickest and easiest way to adjust your body temperature when out in the wilderness. When you’re active, shed a layer. When you’re at rest – even before you’re cold – add a layer.

2. Block the wind – On a still day the air around your body warms up and acts as a layer of insulation. If the wind starts to blow, you wave goodbye to this warm air and it’s replaced by new, cold air. The more the wind blows, the colder you become. Thankfully, good windproof clothing can break the relationship between air temperature and wind and the effect it has on your skin.

3. Drink warm water – The quickest way to warm up your insides is to drink hot liquid. So swap your cold water for hot or even try hot tea with a little sugar or honey for a warming energy kick.

4. Jump around – moving in any shape or form will help you warm up, but to get the blood pumping through your extremities, try star jumps or jumping jacks.

5. Cuddle up with a hot water bottle – Just like when you were a kid! Fill a water bottle (one that can take hot liquids) with hot water and put it in your sleeping bag while you’re setting up for the night. The sleeping bag will be nice and warm when you crawl in to go to sleep and you’ll have warm water to drink throughout the night.


Find more information on fall & winter 2020 and the Expedition Down Series in the Press Kit and the Lookbook.


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