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It’s A Lifelong Relationship, Choose Wisely!
The right trekking trousers make all the difference, so now Fjällräven offer the most versatile range to date.

Date: 2020-03-23

When we can’t go out in nature, what better time to prepare for our upcoming trips? Do research, read up on equipment, compare, write packing lists and choose what to wear and what to bring. Finding the right pair of trekking trousers can be the first step towards many successful hikes. In the press information attached you'll find our suggestions on how to navigate through our wide variety of models and find the perfect pair of trekking trousers for you.


Trekking trousers expert since 1970

Fjällräven’s journey towards becoming the outdoor trousers expert already began in 1970. Trekking in nature requires a decent pair of trousers to stand up to the rigours of the trail. Back in those days the Greenland Trousers were the first of many pairs of Fjällräven trousers that followed over the years to create one of the biggest trekking trouser selections within the industry. Those first trousers were made from G-1000. A fabric Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin once considered using for a tent but had proven too heavy for the purpose. It was perfect for his very first garment, the Greenland Jacket but also for the first pair of trousers - the Greenland Trousers. The only thing needed improving: the fabric’s water resistance.

Åke Nordin used to be a ski jumper. He thought back to his times at the Paradiskullen ski jump, remembering waiting at the top of the jump for his turn. And how he and the other jumpers, while waiting, had taken to waxing not just their skis but also their trouser seats to repel moisture and keep the chilly winter at bay. The famous combination of G-1000 material and Greenland Wax was born. Since then the success story of G-1000 and Fjällräven trousers has continued and many models for different purposes and activities have followed.

In 2011 Keb Trousers were developed - a new standard of technical trekking trousers made with the durable G-1000 in combination with stretch fabric. Immediately after its release Keb wins the Outdoor Industry Award for “Best Outdoor Trousers”. The judging panel praises the trousers’ durability, func-tionality and sustainability. Many more awards followed. Today, with more than 50 years of experience in designing trekking trousers, Fjällräven is still constantly working on developing new products and materials and improving existing models.

This spirit has led to a lot of different fits and styles but also successful models like the stretchy but robust Abisko Trekking Tights, hybrid-models with stretch and G-1000 like the Kaipak Trousers or the super lightweight and breathable, award-winning Abisko Midsummer Trousers. Together they create one of the widest and most multi-facetted range of trekking trousers within the industry where everybody can find his or her perfect pair.


How to find the perfect trekking trousers

Fjällräven knows its trekking trousers. But why are there so many models? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: We’re all different. We enjoy different activities. So our trou-sers have to be different as well. Henrik Andersson is Head of Design and Innovation at Fjällräven. He advises to ask yourself a few simple questions to start the process of finding the perfect trousers for you:

What will you be using them for?
And in what kind of climate?

All trekking trousers are made so you can move easily in them. But those initial questions will give you an idea of what fit and choice of fabric might be good for you. As soon as you’re settled, you can ask yourself:

What kind of things do I want to have easily accessible?

This is where the number of pockets come into play. “If you are trekking in trailless terrain, leg pockets that have room for a map and compass are handy,” says Henrik. To read the full interview with Henriks tips click here.

  "Good trousers are trousers you don’t need to think about too much. They’re intuitive, they don’t chafe and they’re comfortable."
Fjällräven’s Head of Design and Innovation, Henrik Andersson.


Collection highlights - something for everyone

The wide selection of Fjällräven trouser models, styles and sizes creates a unique offer of relevant prod-ucts for a wide range of customers with varying needs and preferences: Lightweight and ventilating, quick-drying and highly packable trousers with uncompromising functionality and versatility made from state-of-the-art materials that follow Fjällräven’s high standards of sustainability.

The new Kaipak Trousers clearly create the appealing entry point to Fjällräven’s wide range of trekking trousers. The light and airy High Coast Lite Trousers offer optimal comfort on any spring and summer outdoor activity. And the Abisko Midsummer Trousers have been chosen from a long list of products as Gold Winner of the “Outstanding Outdoor Awards 2019” at OutDoor by ISPO. Simply because they are setting a whole new standard of functionality for warm weather trekkers all over the world.

Find selected trousers in the product section below.



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