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Popular Fjällräven trekking event expansion 2020 affected by COVID-19 crisis

Date: 2020-04-08

Due to the current situation around the spread of COVID-19 Fjällräven unfortunately has to cancel the 2020 Fjällräven Classic Events in Germany, Denmark, UK, Sweden, US and China. 

Launched in 2005 in Sweden, Fjällräven Classic is a trekking event created to enable more people to discover the joy of trekking – and to provide inspiration, knowledge and community. By providing services and setting up all the logistics, Fjällräven Classic makes long-distance trekking easier and more accessible. Participants carry their own equipment and sleep in tents under bright summer skies. Along the route, checkpoints with Fjällräven staff provide food, stove-gas, first aid and all kinds of help. Thanks to its popularity the original event, Fjällräven Classic Sweden, a 110km-long trek in the spectacular mountains of Lapland, soon expanded to Denmark (2014), the US (2016) as well as Hong Kong (2017). And last year Fjällräven announced that the Fjällräven Classic concept will expand to even four more destinations in 2020: Germany, UK, South Korea and China. 

Trekking and walking in nature is arguably one of the most healthy activities you can undertake. Your stamina and physical health will improve with regular hikes. Also, your mental health will benefit from the fresh air, the sounds of the birds and all of nature’s colours. The risk for injuries is small, and even virus spread can be eliminated if you practice some distance to fellow trekkers. 

Even if Fjällräven from an organizational standpoint feels able to set up a corona-safe trekking program at Fjällräven Classic, hosting events is more complex than that. Also, the designated trekking areas are often very remote and scarcely populated. Under a medical crisis like this, local health resources are already under heavy pressure and we feel strongly that the call for responsible actions on our part are even greater.

Fjällräven began 2020 with the great ambition of hosting no less than 8 Fjällräven Classic events. So it is with great sadness that the brand has to inform participants that due to the current situation, the 2020 Fjällräven Classic events in Germany, Denmark, UK, Sweden, China and in the US will not take place this year but are postponed and planned for 2021. 

The lights in the tunnel are the scheduled events in South Korea and Hong Kong. For those, Fjällräven is still monitoring developments and evaluating the actions required to host safe and successful events. However, the ticket sales for these events have been postponed until August 2020, so that all the facts can be collected and the right decisions can be made. 

Any participant that holds a ticket to any of the events in 2020 (Sweden, Denmark, Germany and UK) can either keep it and use it in 2021 (or forward it to someone who can) or sell the ticket back to Fjällräven to receive a full refund. 

Even if this information is genuinely sad news for Fjällräven and all trekkers that were looking forward to the 2020 Fjällräven Classic, the brand wants to emphasize the fact that it is not giving in. Fjällräven’s mission is to inspire people to walk with nature. Some areas in the world are slowly easing up on restrictions and nature is becoming more accessible. Brighter days are ahead and everybody at Fjällräven is looking forward to being able to trek together with other nature enthusiasts again soon. 

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