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Fjällräven Hunting Fall/Winter 2017/18

Date: 2017-08-10

We’re conscious of all the details that make a good day hunting a great one.

Staying warm and dry. Moving about silently and freely.

We make equipment for nature. On nature’s terms.

Products that work in the wilderness often work well for hunting. This is probably one of the reasons why hunters worldwide have always appreciated Fjällräven. Our garments are durable and reliable. They have been designed to enjoy a lifetime in the outdoors. We’ve made equipment for hunting since the 80s and a couple of years ago we decided to develop these products even further. The outcome was Conscious Hunting.

For Fall/Winter 2017, we’re focusing on some of the fundamentals for a great day out hunting: Staying warm and dry and moving about silently and freely in the outdoors, with products designed to be used in nature, and that have been produced on nature’s terms. For wet-weather hunting days our new Lappland Eco-Shell Jacket is the perfect companion for our other hunting garments made from Eco-Shell – our very own sustainable shell material, free from harmful fluorocarbons in the coating. Lappland Eco-Shell Jacket is designed for active hunting. For silent, challenging hunting, this season includes the Lappland Pyrsch Trousers and Jacket. They’re soft, warm and virtually soundless, and they have no problems resisting cold winds. They’re made from a bonded fleece, and they’re reinforced with G-1000 Silent Eco in exposed areas to resist wear from rough terrain. The Lappland Friluft Hunting Backpack is an unusually versatile backpack made so you can move freely, and comfortably carry pretty much everything you need on a hunt.

For Fall/Winter 2017, Fjällräven is proud to present a full range of equipment that’ll never get between a hunter and his or her perfect hunting experience. A line-up just as functional as it is conscious. So you can enjoy nature out hunting today. And tomorrow.

Move silently - Fjällräven is focusing on silent and sustainable materials

One of the most important things Fjällräven has focused on this season is the development of garments with silent functionality. The brand is meeting the high demands of active hunters on sound discipline, without compromising their fundamental principles: Fjällräven clothing is produced on nature’s terms, but also to be durable and highly functional. Needless to say, this concerns not only which materials are selected but also the design and details of the garments. A pair of trousers that’s out-dated after a season or two or a shell garment that simply doesn’t get the job done do not qualify as Fjällräven garments. On the contrary, Fjällräven equipment is timeless and functional. Equipment that’ll work out in the wild.

An approach like this places great demands on both design and the materials that are chosen. Fjällräven gladly uses organic cotton and recycled polyester, but that’s not enough. All the materials that are chosen need to be both sustainable and very durable. And for hunters, soundless as well.

Fjällrävens own fabric G-1000 has been around since the 70s and it’s been properly tested by outdoor people all over the world ever since. G-1000 is a well-proven outdoor classic suitable for hunting all year round. Its dense weave can be treated with Greenland Wax. The combination of G-1000 and Greenland Wax makes it one of the world’s best outdoor fabrics with a number of strong properties.

G-1000 Silent Eco is a brushed version of the original fabric and it’s both soft and silent. Its brushed finish means that the garments don’t rustle, which is practical for hunting and game preservation work. It’s made from 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton.

The newcomers this season Lappland Pyrsch Trousers and Jacket are reinforced with G-1000 Silent Eco in exposed areas. This season also sees the start of Fjällräven exclusively using G-1000 Eco in all G-1000 equipment.

Eco-Shell, Fjällräven's own shell material, has also been developed with both functionality and sustainability in mind. Like G-1000 Silent Ecoo, it’s soft, silent and pliant. Eco-Shell is used in the new Lappland Eco-Shell Jacket that further increases the number of Eco-Shell garments in  Fjällräven’s hunting collection.

Both Eco-Shell and G-1000 Silent Eco are remarkably good material choices for the conscious hunter of today and are used throughout the entire Fall/Winter 2017 range. Silent, and produced on nature’s terms.

Keep Dry - Fjällräven continues its commitment to nature by expanding its use of award winning Eco-Shell

A shell garment should keep you dry. For us it’s equally important to produce it in harmony with the environment. And this is the basis for Eco-Shell: uncompromising in functionality without fluorocarbons in the coating. New for this season, Eco-Shell is now being offered to conscious and active hunters with the Lappland Eco-Shell Jacket. A lot has happened since we launched Eco- Shell. It has not only won several prizes such as Swedish Outdoor Product of the Year and an ISPO award, what is more important: it has won over the outdoor community. Eco-Shell has a special structure of hydrophilic corridors – they are like microscopic veins that transport moisture, namely sweat, away from the body. But water and snow can’t penetrate through the fabric and instead bead on the outer surface. This is similar to the protection offered by other shell fabrics, but Eco-Shell has the added benefit of using fluorocarbon-free impregnation.

“Fluorocarbons are chemically stable, which means they aren’t broken down in the environment. Instead they are spread and stored in living organisms,” explains Fjällräven’s Sustainability Manager, Christiane Dolva Törnberg. “Some research also shows that they affect reproduction systems and hormone production in mammals. They are suspected carcinogens and can travel long distances. They’ve even been found in the Arctic. This is why we’ve decided not to use them in our clothing.

With the new Lappland Eco-Shell Jacket and other new Eco-Shell products, Fjällräven has cemented its position as one of the leaders of sustainable development in the outdoor industry.

Move Freely - Functionality and details that let you focus on your hunting experience

Fjällräven doesn’t want anything to get between a hunter and their experience. The brand wants them to be out on hunting stands, no matter what nature brings. Once out there, every piece of equipment needs to be perfect. Everything from the tiniest seam to choices made concerning material and functionality. And the people at Fjällräven believe that equipment should be produced on nature’s terms. So we can all enjoy nature today. And tomorrow.

The new Lappland Friluft is a versatile backpack developed for active hunting. It can easily carry everything a hunter needs for a day out in the forest. Despite its discreet appearance, it has a lot of smart functions: firstly, it’s two backpacks in one, it’s equipped with a detachable gun holder and it has a reversible rain cover with both winter and summer camouflage prints. Lappland Friluft ventilates well when activity levels rise and It’s made from G-1000 Eco, a robust and reliable fabric made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. It will make a great outdoors companion for any hunter for many years to come.
Lappland Friluft is an example of the kind of gear that just does what it should, leaving hunters to move about freely out there, able to focus on the experience itself.


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