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Winter: The Perfect Time To Enjoy Nature
Introducing the Fjällräven Bergtagen & Keb Winter 2019/20 collection

Date: 2019-08-28

Nature has a lot to teach us about diversity. The more time we spend in its unconfined and varied spaces, the more unconfined we become ourselves. Both in our actions and in our minds. Through more than 50 years of outdoor experience, Fjällräven has become close friends with nature’s diversity - something that becomes especially evident in the winter season. To make winter adventures more safe, comfortable and dry even in the harshest winter conditions Fjällräven is introducing new product innovations for its Fall & Winter 2019 mountaineering collection Bergtagen and the functional and versatile trekking collection Keb below. Find out more about brand ambassador and professional freeskier Johan Jonsson and his love for the mountains, how to layer up for winter adventures and read about a very unique winter event and once-in-a-lifetime-experience Fjällräven Polar.

More product news and information on the Fall & Winter 2019 collection can be found in the Press Kit and Lookbook.

Life above the tree line with Fjällräven 

The mountains leave you spellbound and humbled. In one way or another, they’ll change you. There used to be an old Swedish saying now seldom used. It was called “Bergtagen”. Past the tree line, where life struggles to exist, you will enter another world. It can be a truly demanding one. But it can be equally enjoyable and rewarding if you bring the right knowledge, attitude and equipment.


Bergtagen is also the name of Fjällräven’s mountaineering range. It is engineered to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability without compromising on durability and reliability. Extensively tested and developed in close collaboration with the Swedish Mountain Guide Association. Each layer of the system consists of garments with uncompromising functionality, born out of both tradition and innovation. Produced on nature’s terms. Garments like the waterproof Bergtagen Eco-Shell Jacket and Trousers made from recycled polyester with pfc-free impregnation that'll keep mountaineers dry. Equipment like the Bergtagen 38 backpack made from Fjällrävens innovative, waterproof and extremely abrasion and tear resistant Bergshell material that endures, no matter where the expedition takes you.



A declaration of love for the mountains

Fjällräven brand ambassador and professional freeskier Johan Jonsson travels to different mountains and puts his Fjällräven Bergtagen equipment through some hard testing. Johan has been a professional skier for more than a decade. He spent his formative years racing close to his childhood home in Sweden, but after a roadtrip along America’s west coast he concluded that freeskiing was “way more fun” and relegated that ski racing suit to the dress-up box.


“I went from race skier to freeskier. It didn’t have anything to do with ambition, it was something else that lured me into the mountains. It was the love for the mountains. It sounds like a cliché and isn’t always easy to describe, it also differs from one skier to the next, but I realized that for me the value in the experience has nothing to do with the level of difficulty of a journey, or mission, or climb. For me it is rather defined by the pure and fragile joy felt when spending time outdoors – something that becomes more and more obvious the more time you spend in nature. What makes you happy is what makes you happy. Getting to the top of a mountain you haven’t climbed before is amazing – a source of great satisfaction. But so is just spending time out there, even if it’s somewhere you’ve been hundreds of times before. It’s a way of breathing. This is when I realised that what I thought was my passion for skiing was actually a passion for mountains.”

On the Fjällräven blog Johan shares some tips and tricks on how to become a ski-touring pro and he reveals his favourite places.


Winter adventures away from the crowd

These days, the majority of skiing takes place where someone has built a ski lift. That said, more and more of us are discovering the joys of skiing beyond the ski area’s boundaries, without missing the après ski parties and lift queues too much. With the Fall & Winter 2019 Keb collection Fjällräven offers a great and reliable system for all types of winter adventures away from the crowds – from winter trekking to ski-touring. Keb builds on the layering-principle - using layers of different clothing to regulate your temperature according to the needs of the situation. Layers that complement each other. Important functions such as wicking moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and insulating against the cold need to work in combination with each other. Details like pockets or ventilation zippers that are perfectly harmonised throughout the different layers.


The layering system explained





Inner layer

Middle layer

Outer layer

Insulation layer

Wool closest to your body Fleece and wool G-1000, Hydratic and Eco-Shell Down and synthetics

Wool gives optimal comfort, wicks moisture away and regulates warmth even when wet.

Fleece and wool bind a lot of air and continue to wick away moisture. Use fleece and woollen sweaters, preferably with zippers or buttons so you can regulate them yourself.

Our own durable outdoor fabric G-1000 makes the perfect outer layer. Hydratic and Eco-Shell as well – for when it is extra wet and windy.

When it is extra cold, you need extra insulation. Down is the warmest but in wet and damp weather, synthetic padding is preferable.






Fjällräven Polar 2020 

300 km of arctic wilderness. More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs, a handful of expert guides and a group of ordinary people. This is Fjällräven Polar. Find the highlights from the Fjällräven Polar 2019 here. In 2019 2,183 people from 92 different countries have applied for Polar. Competition was fierce and the bar was set higher than ever for the quality of applications. But the reward is worth all the hard work. Fjällräven Polar, the journey from Signaldalen to Jukkasjärvi, is the adventure of a lifetime. The Fjällräven Polar 2020 will take place from 30th March to 5th April 2020. Application is open to everyone and will start from 14th November, 10 am cet and close 12th December, 10 am cet . Stay tuned on


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