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Fjällräven everyday outdoor garments and backpacks for Summer 2020

Date: 2020-02-05

Long, hot days and short, light nights means more time outdoors. Discovering nature and all that it has to offer. Forest trails and cycling tracks along the ocean cliffs. Hidden paths through warm, sunny glades. Hiking, biking, relaxing and breathing fresh air. Fjällräven’s High Coast collection is designed to feel right at home in the versatile space between urban and outdoor life. With no compromise to functionality, sustainable materials and a long life. Continue reading to get inspired by 10 smart outdoor recipes from famous blogger Hanna Olvenmark, find out what it takes to develop a great daypack with Fjällräven product designer Niklas Kull and discover the highlights of the new spring & summer 2020 High Coast collection.

Eat smart - outdoor recipes with Hanna Olvenmark

It’s no secret that food tastes great when you eat it outdoors. But when the food also happens to be climate-smart, cost-efficient and easy to prepare, well, that’s a new level of delicious. Hanna Olvenmark is a dietician, founder of the Swedish blog “Portionen under tian” (A portion for less than sek 10) and author of a cookbook with the same name. And she prefers to eat outside. “I am quite prone to stress and can really tell when I have spent too much time in the city. The best way for me to ground myself is to get outdoors. Away from all the hustle and bustle, out into nature where everything is calm,” explains Hanna. For Fjällräven, Hanna has collected her 10 favorite recipes for 10 day hikes.

Kale pasta

4 servings

250 g fresh kale, 2 garlic cloves, 100 g walnuts or sunflower seeds, 200 ml oat milk, 2/5 cup of grated tasty cheese, oil, pasta for 4 servings, salt, black pepper

Start by toasting the walnuts / sunflower seeds in a frying pan until they get a little colour. Put the nuts and oat milk in a blender and mix into a sauce. Shred the kale (remove the hard stalk in the middle) and finely chop the garlic. Fry garlic and kale until soft in the oil, on medium heat, for a few minutes. Boil water for the pasta, and cook the pasta according to instructions. Pour the nut sauce over the garlic and kale and allow to simmer on low heat. If necessary, dilute with a little water. Stir the cheese into the sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with the freshly cooked pasta.

You can find all 10 recipes as well as an interview with Hanna here.

Making of: The new Fjällräven High Coast Foldsack 24

The new High Coast Foldsack 24 is a light, versatile daypack in waterproof 100% recycled nylon - perfect uncomplicated companion for everyday adventures. So how does a backpack like this actually come about? What requirements, decisions and tests are behind the final product? Niklas Kull, hardware designer at Fjällräven tells us all about the popular new High Coast Foldsack and the process it underwent from idea to finished backpack: “If we take High Coast Foldsack, we already had a family of products that we wanted to develop further to meet the requirements of nearby everyday adventures and warmer climates. We had an idea about how we wanted the backpack to look and feel, and what features it should have,” Niklas explains. It takes about two years from start to the finished product arriving in stores. “In this case, we are so happy with the functionality and feel of the product that it was a little extra exciting to see it being launched. And today I can tell you that this is actually the product that I use the most myself,” says Niklas.

Read the full interview with Niklas here.


The new, versatile, lightweight and comfortable High Coast collection

Since 1960, Fjällräven outdoor equipment is made for getting out and enjoying a day in a nearby forest, going on holiday or commuting to work or school – even on days when a lot of people might choose to stay indoors. For spring and summer 2020 Fjällräven has developed airier and faster drying fabrics that are perfect for sunny days, all the while keeping the same high standards where functionality, sustainability and design are concerned.

One of the newcomers for spring and summer is High Coast Lite Jacket – a light and convenient wind jacket with a simple design and the red and white logotype featuring our famous fox – trademark that is present on all the new High Coast family products. When you want to pack it away, just fold it into its own pocket – taking an extra jacket along doesn’t get any simpler than this. Other news for this year is High Coast Lite Trousers and High Coast Lite Dress, both following in the tradition of Fjällräven’s stylish and timeless designs. The trousers’ pliant and airy stretch fabric makes sure that nothing lies between you and that spontaneous idea you just had to go out for a hike in the afternoon sun, or to bike out to your favourite beach. Just like the other garments in the collection, the dress is made from recycled material with two hand pockets in the sides. The drawcord at the waist allows it to be adjusted for fit and style and the ventilation opening in the back makes it extra comfortable on the hottest of summer days.

Fjällräven also has several newcomers on the hardware side of things, such as the bags High Coast Foldsack 24 and High Coast Rolltop 26. The former has a smart fold-top feature so you can overpack it if you need to, but still close it. The latter is a waterproof backpack perfect for activities and outings near or on the water. Both are made from 100% recycled material and their designs are of course based on Fjällräven’s traditions and basic values. Simple solutions, clean lines and a timeless feel. As uncomplicated as getting out there should be.

High Coast Lite Trousers

High Coast Lite Jacket High Coast Lite Dress

High Coast Foldsack 24

High Coast Rolltop 26



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