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Summer Trekking Starts Here
Fjällräven’s new Abisko Midsummer collection is setting a new standard for warm climate trekking

Date: 2019-12-16

Summer hiking can involve everything from smooth and well-maintained trails in the pleasantly warming sun to seriously steep and rocky backcountry in scorching heat. Or pouring rain, thunder or even snow. What you get depends on how high above sea level you are, what the weather has in store for you and where in the world you find yourself. For the 2020 spring and summer season, Fjällräven introduces the new Abisko Midsummer collection that focuses on clothing that is optimised for trekking in warm weather conditions – lightweight, ventilated, quick drying and packable. All with the same timeless design that has become an acknowledged part of Fjällräven’s strong focus on sustainability – where every garment should withstand not only the rigors of the trail but also fleeting trends and short-lived fashion fads, thereby staying constantly relevant and in use for as many years as possible, even for generations.

Warm weather conditions haven‘t been a focus for Fjällräven historically. But in recent years we have recognised the need to develop this side of things and introduce products that are optimized for warmer climates,” says Fjällräven’s head of design and innovation, Henrik Andersson

Felix Aejmelaeus-Lindström is Fjällräven’s material expert and has been involved in the development process of the new collection. What we call sweat, he calls water molecules: “The garments we develop for warm climates need to both protect against the sun’s radiation and also need to contribute to air flow and promote vapor transmission,” says Felix. “If we can assist the air flow that takes place between the garment and the skin, the water molecules move about and leave space for new ones – that is, the skin is allowed to release more water molecules so that the body can cool down more easily. For this to happen the composition of the fabric itself is of great importance,” he adds. You can read the full interview with Felix here.

G-1000 Air Stretch
Light, airy, highly packable and durable

G-1000 Air Stretch is a high quality mechanical stretch fabric and the latest contribution to the diverse range of fabrics that have been developed from Fjällräven’s original outdoor fabric G-1000. The functionality of G-1000 Air Stretch is, as the name implies, perfect for garments that need to be light, airy and feel unrestricted to move in. Made with organic cotton and partly recycled polyester. As with all versions of G-1000, it is very durable and you’ll be well prepared for all types of outdoor activities.

On a mission to inspire:
The Fjällräven Classic Expansion

“Our mission statement is very clear”, says Carl Hård af Segerstad, Brand Event Manager at Fjällräven. “It is to inspire and encourage more people to spend time in nature. So what essentially started with Åke Nordin, our founder, inviting groups of people to experience the outdoors with his new functional, durable clothes and equipment in the 70’s, stayed with us, developed and grew to become the first Fjällräven Classic event in Sweden 2005. Today, we organize Classics around the world in a lot of different climates”. To find out more about the Fjällräven Classic, it’s expansion around the world, visit the Press Room or

Carl Hård af Segerstad, Brand Event Manager at Fjällräven is not only responsible for the Fjällräven Classic trekking events around the world, he also has a lot of trekking in different parts of the world, such as hot and humid South Korea or Hong Kong. So if anyone knows any good tricks that can make trekking in the heat easier, it should be him. Read an interview with his tips here.

Warm weather functionality with the new
Fjällräven Abisko Midsummer collection

At about the same pace as Fjällräven has moved into markets all over the world, the company’s development of new fabrics for warm climates has made significant advances. Lighter, airier fabrics such as G-1000 Air, in combination with smart ventilation solutions like those in Keb Trousers, are just two examples of garments and innovations that make trekking in the heat a little easier. With these innovations, Fjällräven adds the Abisko Midsummer collection to its Abisko family of products. The focus here is on lighter garments, with extra airflow and freedom of movement, that dry faster than ever.



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