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Happy Holidays are Outdoor Holidays
The Fjällräven Gift Guide

Date: 2019-09-30

Holidays are coming. And just because the festivities are full of tradition, there’s no reason to not get inspired by new gifts and routines. Fjällräven introduces an alternative gift guide for this year’s Holiday season – some ideas that’ll help you celebrate a little differently this year.


Enjoy your Holiday celebrations outdoors

We admit, some people (read: adults) will have to forfeit participation for plotting, but other people (read: kids) will definitely appreciate it. Take to your local park, nearby forest or just head out into the garden with a sack of presents over your shoulder. A good tip is to hang presents over tree branches so gifts don’t end up soggy and dirty. Why not also combine it with a nice holiday dinner outdoors as an alternative to your regular festive dinner indoors. In Sweden holiday dinner is more like a buffet, with cold and hot dishes all served together. This is way easier to take ‘on the road’ than a traditional sit-down dinner like in the UK, US or Germany. Portion all the food up into lunch boxes, light a campfire and you’ve got yourself a cosy winter picnic sorted.


Give adventure

Instead of physical presents, give experiences in nature. You can create those adventures yourself, like a night in a tent, or a paddle down a local river. Or you register your friend and yourself for the Fjällräven Classic 2020. In 2020 Fjällräven will run 8 different Fjällräven Classic trekking events around the world to enable more people to spend time in nature. What started as an event to inspire more Swedes to experience long-distance carry-it-all-yourself trekking through nature has since expanded to Denmark, the US, Korea and Hong Kong. In 2020 Germany, China and the UK will for the very first time host Fjällräven Classic events too. Read more about the Fjällräven classic expansion here, and about the Fjällräven Classic on the Classic website. This is also where the ticket sales will be announced and hosted early 2020.


Gifts that give back: Kånken Art and the Arctic Fox Initiative

Already back in 1994, Fjällräven started a long-term arrangement with Stockholm University to support research of the endangered Scandinavian Arctic Fox. From this, a desire to support more projects was born – projects that support the preservation of animals and nature, and that promote sustainable outdoor life. The result was the Arctic Fox Initiative – an initiative that annually distributes support to projects that make a difference and share Fjällräven’s values. It might be a project that inspires people to respectfully and safely spend more time in nature, or a project that protects animals, people or ecosystems. In a public voting that took place on Facebook, followers decided which project should receive the most funding. In 2019, Fjällräven has committed to providing €120.000 of funding generated from the sales of Kånken Art backpacks and the Kånken Rainbow. Read more about the projects supported here.

The Arctic Fox Initiative is a collaboration between Fjällräven and its customers. By donating a percentage of the proceeds from sales of Kånken Art products, Fjällräven supports non-profit and non-governmental projects. A very good reason to choose a Kånken Art product as gift because it also gives back to nature.

Kånken Rainbow Keyring

Kånken Art Pen Case Kånken Art Travel Wallet Kånken Art Card Wallet Kånken Art Toiletry Bag

Kånken Art

Kånken Rainbow



New Fjällräven Wool Products

Fjällräven’s Fall & Winter 2019 collection is bridging the gap between trekkers and urbanites. The integration of clean, simple designs with durable, functional, sustainable materials and high quality wool can take anyone from urban areas to natural surroundings in complete comfort. A collection that keeps you warm and comfy for many cold winters to come. Read more about Fjällräven wool here.

Solid Re-Wool Scarf

Övik Nordic Sweater Merino Structure Hat



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