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Arctic Fox Initiative 2020
Fjällräven announces recipients of the 2020 fund

Date: 2020-12-18

The Arctic Fox Initiative is a fund that Fjällräven annually awards to several non-profit organisations and projects that aim to preserve nature or wildlife and that are either associated with taking climate action or that encourage more people going outdoors and appreciating nature. Fjällräven believes that great ideas need collective support to be realised. 


The Arctic Fox Initiative is funded through a 1% contribution from sales of selected Fjällräven products. The products that have contributed to the fund are Kånken Art

and Kånken Rainbow. For the 2020 Arctic Fox Initiative, a total of €115.000 has been raised to support the recipients of the annual fund.


Fjällräven is happy to announce that for 2020 three organisations have been selected to receive funding. The brand will also continue to contribute to the financing of a PhD position at Stockholm University, with €35.000 in 2020, to study arctic fox breeding and behavioural patterns.

Photo: Metsähallituksen Luontopalvelut

Arctic Fox Conservation project with WWF Finland

WWF Finland has successfully installed feeding stations for arctic foxes in Finnish Lapland. In 2020, the Arctic Fox Initiative Fund will support these efforts with €40.000 and contribute to costs associated with training volunteers to survey the arctic fox populations. In Finland, arctic fox pups have not been successfully bred for 24 years, however, populations in organisations Sweden and Norway have started to rise, in part due to similar feeding and research programmes.

Photo: Power to Be

Power to Be

Power to Be will receive €25.000 of the Arctic Fox Initiative funding in 2020. This US based organisation helps bring inclusivity to adventure and nature experiences by providing support to those with cognitive, physical or any other kind of barrier. Through several outreach programs a dedicated team enables young people to overcome barriers to spending time in nature.

Photo: Kuhr/DWV

School Hiking Guides with German Ramblers Association

The German Ramblers Association supports education and the promotion of outdoor activities as part of the national curriculum programme for children and adolescents. With €15.000 support from the Arctic Fox Initiative new School Hiking Guides will be trained to advocate and enact the implementation of this project in states across Germany. The School Hiking Guides will create an alternative learning opportunity in and with nature for many students in the coming years.


To find out more information about the 2020 recipients,or the projects that the fund will support, please click here


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About the Arctic Fox Initiative

In Scandinavia, arctic foxes are threatened by climate change and have been on the brink of extinction for the last 100 years. The Arctic Fox Initiative was originally born out of a decade of supporting research on the brand’s namesake, the arctic fox, in cooperation with Stockholm University. In 2019, the fund was expanded with the aim to support more projects globally. In 2019, three non-profit organisations were chosen for funding support and results have been promising. To read more about previous recipients of the Arctic Fox Initiative fund click here, here and here. Everyone of us can do a lot, but together we can do more.


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