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Fjällräven Spring & Summer 2020

Date: 2019-06-25

Finally. Days that are longer than nights. Days when the heaths and moors smell earthy and warm, when granite cliffs glimmer in the sun, when warm rain splatters against your tent. Days when the trail stretches before you and you are in no hurry to get there. Fjällräven days.  

Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin spent a lot of his time in the mountains of northern Sweden, where he recognised the need for reliable equipment that would make outdoor life easier. Using only hardwearing and sustainable materials, Fjällräven has continued to produce functional clothing, backpacks and tents, always using sustainability as a guiding star, and utilising Åke Nordin’s much talked about stubbornness and passion for discovery that is in its DNA.  

In these times when the climate is changing faster than ever, consumption and production must do what is possible for a sustainable future. Clothing and equipment should last for a long time. This is why Fjällräven’s designs are timeless – so they can be passed on from one generation to the next. They are based on the same aesthetics that many years ago made Fjällräven jackets and backpacks so popular that they became part of Swedish culture.   

Today, the company that was founded in a basement in the small town of Örnsköldsvik is a global brand found all over the world. When the hiking event Fjällräven Classic was introduced to Hong Kong a couple of years back, many more aspiring outdoor enthusiasts were inspired to try hiking in the traditional Scandinavian way – carrying a backpack packed with a tent, stove, sleeping bag and clothing. Now the experience of Hong Kong has in its turn inspired Fjällräven to adapt its collections to suit warmer climates.  

It is expected that Classic will soon be found in other parts of the world, and with it, the motto is spreading: Nature is waiting. We just need to get out there.   

For the spring and summer season of 2020, Fjällräven is focusing on clothing suitable for outdoor activities in warm conditions – lightweight, improved ventilation, fast drying fabrics and packable garments. With Abisko Midsummer Trousers, Fjällräven is introducing a pair of trousers made in airier, lighter fabric, with a fit and ventilation that makes hiking in warmer climates cooler and more comfortable. An update of the High Coast collection makes it even easier to just take off on an adventure, to experience nature in the spring and summer.   

The Bergtagen collection is also part of this movement - this family of garments is designed to be used above the tree line, high in the mountains, and this season it will include garments that have been adapted to warmer weather, using lighter fabrics with more ventilation, that will not disappoint in the areas of durability and sustainability. With another two products joining the Kånken family – Kånken Totepack and Kånken Hip Pack  – this season is going to be perfect for creating unforgettable summer memories. The kind of memories that we are already looking forward to looking back on.

Whoever you are and wherever you are. Nature is waiting. See you out there.

Introducing Fjällrävens new light and airy trekking collection for warm climate conditions: Abisko Midsummer

Summer hiking can involve everything from strolling along well-maintained trails in the hot sun to struggling on in pouring rain, thunder and even snow. What you get depends on how high above sea level you are, what the weather forecast has in store for you and where in the world you find yourself.

“Warm summer conditions haven‘t historically been a focus for Fjällräven. But in recent years we have recognised the need to develop this side of things and adapt our products to warmer climates,” says Henrik Andersson, Head of R&D at Fjällräven.

And the reasons for this are several. Today, Fjällräven products are loved and used all over the world. And when Fjällräven’s own trekking event Classic expanded outside Europe in 2017, Hong Kong was one of its new locations. So now people from near and far gather there to take part in inspirational trekking – in tropical conditions a far cry from the environment the brand was founded in. But even Scandinavian conditions in the summer can involve days where the temperature soars and the sun beats down. So this is why Fjällräven has decided to add the collection Abisko Midsummer to its Abisko family of products. The focus here is on lighter garments, with extra airflow and freedom of movement, that dry faster than ever.

The Abisko Midsummer collection sees an entirely new stretch fabric make its entrance – G-1000 Air Stretch. This is a development of the durable fabric that has long been associated with Fjällräven Trousers. “G-1000 is the ultimate fabric for trekking trousers. You can wax it to make it water resistant, it is well ventilated and it dries fast. The only disadvantage is that it isn’t stretchy,” says Henrik Andersson. “But now we are launching a new G-1000 fabric with a little stretch in it. It is light, ventilating and made from a hybrid solution of organic cotton and recycled polyester that we are very pleased with.”

In the Abisko Midsummer Jacket, G-1000 Air Stretch is used in the hood, over the shoulders and for parts of the sleeves. It is a light, convenient reinforcement jacket that takes up very little space in your backpack. Abisko Midsummer Trousers use the new stretch fabric over the rear, knees and the front of the thighs, giving their wearer complete freedom of movement with the same durability of the classic G-1000 fabric. The other parts of the trousers and jacket are made from stretchy recycled polyester.

To give the trousers the best possible ventilation in warm conditions, details have been borrowed from other Fjällräven models. Ventilation zippers in the thighs were first introduced to the popular Keb Trousers, and they were so appreciated that they are now appearing in more models. “Even if you are using lightweight, well ventilated fabric, it is an entirely different experience to be able to open a ventilation zipper. We are the only ones in the market with this,” says Henrik Andersson. “Another advantage is that these trousers weigh half as much as our Keb Trousers. And if you roll them up, they take up very little room in your backpack.”

Complementing the Bergtagen collection with new, lighter garments for an active life above the tree line: Bergtagen Summer

Above the tree line, adventure is waiting. This is where you are the freest – but also the most exposed. More vulnerable to the elements, and even more dependent on reliable equipment that is designed for exactly what you are using it for. Bergtagen is Fjällräven’s most advanced collection, developed in close cooperation with the Sweden Mountain Guide Association, SBO. Each layer is part of a coordinated system of different garments that can be combined in various ways depending on the level of activity, weather, and the season.

“The first garments in the Bergtagen family were developed for Scandinavian winter conditions, and for the spring and summer season 2020 we have developed complementary products that have been adapted for warmer summer conditions,” says Erik Blomberg, Head of Innovation at Fjällräven.

The most important points in the designs of the new, adapted-for-summer garments in Bergtagen Summer have been to reduce weight and increase ventilation – all while keeping the gear durable enough for the tough conditions often encountered high up in the mountains. All the garments in the Bergtagen family are designed to be worn with a climbing harness, crampons and other climbing equipment. There won’t be any pockets hiding under straps and belts, and reinforcements are placed exactly where they are needed.

Another important aspect is freedom of movement, so you can move freely up the steepest faces and over the most technical sections. More stretch fabric has been used in the summer collection, a decision made after listening to feedback from Bergtagen’s active users.

“There is a lot of freedom of movement in these working garments, and they don't get too warm. At the same time, their design is simple and the details are excellent. We don't want lots of unnecessary details weighing us down and complicating matters,” says mountain guide Magnus Strand who is part of the test team that spent a lot of time evaluating Bergtagen products. For him, Bergtagen Summer’s new, lighter fabric makes a big difference in everyday life out in the mountains.

New, versatile, lightweight and comfortable garments and backpacks for a simplified active lifestyle: High Coast

Long, hot days and short, light nights. This is the time of year when it is the easiest to get outdoors. To discover nature and what is just around the corner, discover forest trails or cycling tracks along the ocean cliffs. Hiking, biking, relaxing and breathing. Fjällräven’s High Coast collection can be placed somewhere between urban and outdoor life, everyday and leisure time. Without any compromises made on functionality, sustainable materials and a long life – that should be lived to the full.

Today, Fjällräven products are used and loved by people all over the world, and with the experiences that we have gained from warmer climates, the focus for spring and summer 2020 has been to develop airier and faster drying fabrics that are perfect for sunny days, all the while keeping the same high standards where functionality, sustainability and design are concerned.

One of the newcomers for spring and summer is High Coast Lite Jacket  – a light and convenient wind jacket with a simple design and the red and white logotype featuring our famous fox – trademark that is present on all the new High Coast family products. When you want to pack it away, just fold it into its own pocket – taking an extra jacket along doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Other news for this year is High Coast Lite Trousers  and High Coast Lite Dress,  both following in the tradition of Fjällräven’s stylish and timeless designs. The trousers’ pliant and airy stretch fabric makes sure that nothing lies between you and that spontaneous idea you just had to go out for a hike in the afternoon sun, or to bike out to your favourite beach.Just like the other garments in the collection, the dress is made from recycled material with two hand pockets in the sides. The drawcord at the waist allows it to be adjusted for fit and style and the ventilation opening in the back makes it extra comfortable on the hottest of summer days.

Fjällräven also has several newcomers on the hardware side of things, such as the bags High Coast Foldsack  24 and High Coast Rolltop  26. The former has a smart fold-top feature so you can overpack it if you need to, but still close it. The latter is a waterproof backpack perfect for activities and outings near or on the water. Both are made from 100% recycled material and their designs are of course based on Fjällräven’s traditions and basic values. Simple solutions, clean lines and a timeless feel. As uncomplicated as getting out there should be.

Kånken news: Newcomers with a focus on moving freely through urban environments

A split second. That’s all it takes to recognise a Kånken backpack passing you by on someone’s back. So easy to spot – there is only one Kånken after all, even if it comes in different shapes and sizes. Throughout the years, different versions of this iconic product have been developed, the number of colours it comes in has increased and it’s seen the addition of new materials – but every single Kånken  backpack has the same simple, timeless design that has been loved by all since the very first one saw the light of day in 1978.

And now it’s being joined by two new Kånken products: Kånken Totepack and Kånken Hip Pack. Kånken Totepack is the classic Kånken backpack’s new urban sibling. A spacious shoulder bag that thanks to its straps is actually two bags in one – it can be worn over your shoulder when you are catching the bus through town, or as a backpack when you jump on your bike and need full freedom of movement. It looks about as similar to the classic Kånken as can be – and naturally the handy seat pad is included here too so you are always ready for a spontaneous outing or rest in the park. In addition to this, it also has a secure sleeve for a 13-inch laptop, so you can take your office with you, wherever you go. It has a zippered opening at the top, and on the outside there is the Kånken front pocket, under the iconic Kånken logo.

Our other newcomer, Kånken Hip Pack, offers you the perfect way to carry your valuables. Fasten it around your hips and off you go! It doesn't get any easier than this to keep your most valuable items close. On the inside there is a separate pocket and a key ring, and on the outside there are two zippered pockets for keeping valuables safe and accessible.The Hip Pack is made from the same durable Vinylon F  as the original backpack, and has the same iconic logo of course – the same one that takes only a split second to recognise as it passes by.


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